Brenda Flannery Art

Brenda Flannery Art, Oil Painting, Original Art, Seascape Art, Seascape Painting, Contemporary Art, Coastal Art

Would you like to commission a bespoke painting for your home or office?

Commissioning an artwork allows you to be involved in the creative process with the end
result being a uniquely personal piece that has been created just for you.

As I have evolved as an artist, I have developed a cohesive style by focusing on Seascapes as a subject matter and have developed my own techniques which creates repetition in my work. This has helped me to develop my own style of painting leading to the creation of unique art.

I am here to help make your dream a reality so get in touch and we can discuss your composition, colour and size requirements.

Prices start from €650

Send me a message through my CONTACT PAGE or through Instagram and let’s get started!